These are the 2023 Shopping Package forms for you to fill out to help us determine the best Medicare plans for your situation.

Here you can click on the name of each form to get to the PDF for instructions or filling in your information. (If you prefer to receive all of the forms by email, please send us a note at

Instructions in PDF files

Shopping Instructions
Scope of Sales Appointment Confirmation Form Page 2

Required Fillable PDF files
(Please fill out one set of forms for each person applying.)

All of the following documents should be fillable. 
You may need to check the “Fill and Sign” button on Adobe Reader.
All documents should also be e-signable.

  1. Shopping Form
  2. Prescriptions: MAPD and Part D Drug List Shopping form
    You can populate the drug list and return to us or preferably: you can go onto your account and print out to a pdf your drug list and return to us. If you don’t remember your username and password, check with us.
  3. Scope of Sales Appointment Confirmation Form Page 1
  4. Client Agreement (optional)


More Information

Our Conversations Must Be Recorded
Am I on the Right Plan?
Upcoming Webinars
Video:, creating an account and entering your drug list
How to navigate to update your drug list and look at options