Free Webinar: Creating Alternatives to In-Person Fundraising Events

Valley Nonprofit Resources & Fernando Awards Logos

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm by Zoom

Nonprofits big and small must find alternatives to in-person fundraising events planned or scheduled before the world changed. Some events have been postponed, some cancelled, some gone virtual, and some successfully substituted in asking sponsors and donors to keep their commitments without the event – since the core purpose was to support the nonprofit.

In this free workshop, these options will be explored, along with alternatives like online auctions or contests, producing short videos to embed in emails (and post online on other platforms) to Zoom-type Galas with awards, recognition and entertainment all done online. A handout listing dozens of creative alternatives will be provided to participants – who will be invited to share their experiences and ideas.

This workshop is co-hosted by CSUN Valley Nonprofit Resources (which for 14 years has served the more than 5,300 nonprofits in the San Fernando Valley) and Fernando Awards Foundation (which has been holding live galas for over 30 years). It will be led by Randy Witt Productions’ producer-director Randy Witt, who is also Board chair of FAF; and Paul Davis, President of Paul Davis Insurance Agency and recent Fernando Award winner. VNR ED Dr. Thomas Backer will moderate.
If you are interested in joining on June 23rd, please contact Ashley Wright at (818) 677-2774 or