Are you offering health coverage?

Don’t offer health coverage?

Have part timers who don’t qualify for health coverage?
Do you have lots of people on COBRA or Cal Cobra?

Cobra comes at a higher price and participants may affect group experience rating due to high utilization and claims.

We can help educate and shop other healthcare options that may be of better benefit and/or be more cost effective.

We can help shop the individual marketplace for plans beginning in 1/1/14.

Whether it’s plans through Covered California, or other individual plan options, all are Guaranteed Issue.

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How Does Obamacare Affect Medicare Recipients?

The Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, has people very confused. Part of this confusion is due to people discussing Obamacare as if it would be affecting everyone in the country. People think that Obamacare affect Medicare.

Happily, the United States Department of Health and Human Services has given us the final word. Obamacare does not affect people who are on Medicare.

Read the official FAQ.

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Individual Health Insurance Under Affordable Care Act

Paul Davis has gathered the information you need on Individual Health Insurance under the Affordable Care Act. (#Obamacare, #affordablecareact, #healthcarereform)

Download the full two-page Individual Health Insurance information Affordable Care Act PDF in English

Download the two-page Individual Health Insurance info under Affordable Care Act PDF in Spanish

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